What is #DiasporaXPuertoRico?



Diaspora for Puerto Rico, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization that seeks to develop the power of the Puerto Rican community and the organizations that serve them stateside. Through the exchange of information, promotion of cultural events, content creation and capacity building, Diaspora for Puerto Rico, Inc. aims to promote the participation, activism, self-sustainability and empowerment of the Puerto Rican community state-side...

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Our Core Values

  • P


    To promote the participation and inclusion of the Puerto Rican community to the civil society.

  • A


    To develop the capacities of Puerto Ricans and to influence them in becoming agents of change in their communities for the benefit of all.

  • S


    To promote the self-sustainability and well-being of the Puerto Rican community, through partnerships with government organizations, service providers, faith-based, and not-for-profit organizations.

  • E


    To empower individuals to create changes for the betterment of their respective communities.

Where to start?

Support Network

Stay current with all the resources and services of your interest, based on your location, needs and specific interest.

What you need

Find information about key resources and services for people that have recently relocated, or that are considering relocating stateside.


Learn what is happening, for those that are coming: news about Puerto Ricans relocating and the steps that different agencies and government are taking in support of the Puerto Rican community stateside.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, email us at info@diasporaXpuertorico.org.

  • Are you affiliated to an organization?

    No, although we collaborate with a wide range of organizations, including government organizations, not-for-profit organizations, faith-based organizations and service providers.

  • Do you provide monetary assistance?

    Although we do not offer monetary assistance, we try to connect people with social services agencies that may provide monetary assistance, depending on availability and eligibility.

  • Are you recruiting volunteers?

    Yes! We are constantly recruiting volunteers that have experience in the areas of community relations, graphic designer, and social media management.

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